Korda Krusha

​- A gizmo that crushes baits in seconds
- Will crumb boilies in a few twists
- Makes short work of hard baits like pellets and tiger nuts

Long gone are the days of spending hours in the kitchen mashing up potent-smelling fishmeal boilies in a food blender. Why? Because the Krusha is here. There have been many devices over the years developed to crush up baits, such as the vegetable chopper, but most couldn’t handle the rigours of day-to-day carp angling. The blades would often bend, break or blunt and at times it could take hours to grind up a kilo of boilies, let alone tiger nuts or pellets.

The principle behind the Krusha was simple. We wanted to devise something that could crush up literally any bait out there within seconds; whether that be tiger nuts, pellets or air-dried boilies. So, the Krusha was born. Created as an ultra-strong and robust device the Krusha uses its sharp teeth to work together in motion to demolish anything that you put before it. 

Finished in a carpy, olive green colour and available in both large and small, the Krusha is perfect for the day-to-day carp angler. To use, simply fill the Krusha on the section that states ‘FILL’, place the other section over the top and begin to twist. The more vigorously you twist, the smaller the items will be. Grinding pellets to a mere dust creates a mighty fine bag mix and if you’re a fan of solid bags, look no further. The boilie crumb will also be a fantastic addition to a stick mix or spod concoction. Experiment with literally anything and you could create the ultimate mix!

£12.50 Each 

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​Mixed Pike Pack

Available in 16mm & 20mm plus Pop Ups, Wafters ,  Hook Baits plus soaks

Chay Williams with a Mid Twenty taken on the Sweet Squid on his first session using the bait.

Our new bait for 2017 Sweet Squid has now been released.

Had this lovely 24lb-12oz Common on a Ronnie Rig 16mm Sweet Squid Pop up over a bed of Sweet Squid Boilies.

Our C.C.C Mix no 1 is a blend of Fishmeal and Proteins plus several attractors, the bait has been formulated, improved & tested extensively over a four year period with some amazing results.

All our baits are made to order and rolled to pefection

​All our Pop Ups, Wafters and Hook Baits come with pots

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